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Wireless Charging Mite Remover

Wireless Charging Mite Remover

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Electrical outlet

Product information:

Product name: mite remover
Product color: grey  red, blue gold

Noise: 66.3dB
Rated power: 100W
Rated voltage: 12V
Vacuum degree: 8kPa
Dust collection capacity: 0.25L
Product size: 225 * 122 * 134mm


1. Strong double beating head, 8000 times per minute, double beating force to the deep layer of mattress, effectively shake out mites dust
2. Professional grade UV-C 253.7nm band UV, up to 99.9% of sterilization and mite removal rate. At the same time, ultrasonic wave is used to interfere with the nervous system of mites, so that they stop eating, stop reproduction, and quickly escape from parasitic initial or gradual death, so as to safely and quickly repel mites.
3. Increase the suction, the contact area is larger than the ordinary mite removal instrument, easier to cover the bed surface, deep suck out the dust mites hidden in the bedding and mattress depth, the cleaning effect is clean

Packing list:

Mite remover * 1  Charging line*1

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